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What is East-West Wing Chun?

East-West Wing Chun is an association of Wing Chun Kung Fu schools started by Sifu John Kang and his students. Deriving its lineage from Sifu Lo Man Kam of Taiwan, EWWC maintains a classical foundation- forms training, sticking hand practice, and basic drills resemble that of most traditional Wing Chun schools.

However, EWWC also seeks to interpret Wing Chun's fighting principles and theories to apply to modern combat, and is therefore an individual exploration into and personal expression of this famous martial method. Our schools emphasize mutual growth and learning in an atmosphere of inquisitiveness and openness.


EAST-WEST NEWS (As of December 10, 2011)

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Will Yturriaga Starts North Bay Class in San Francisco Area
Senior Instructor Will Yturriaga began teaching classes in North Bay on Thursdays from 7:30 - 9:00 PM in The Yoga Source at 1570 4th St, San Rafael.

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